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Indian Spices

India is well known for its natural vegetation and Inhabitation, While India produces a variety of spices, many of which are native to the Subcontinent. Spices are used in different forms: whole, chopped, ground, roasted, sautéed, fried, and as topping. They blend food to extract the nutrients and bind them in a palatable form.

Black Pepper

Pepper is one of the important ingredient in the household spices used for cooking Indian food. It has also got medicinal properties and hence used in pharmaceuticals. We provide black pepper with it’s optimum quality, aroma and taste. We supply black pepper as per customer’s requirement.

Red Chilli (Dried)

We are offering quality Indian Red Chilli. As per food industry standards we supply red Indian chilli varieties as required by international buyers

Asafoetida (Solid & Powder)

Asafoetida (Hing) also known as devil's dung. It is a resin taken from a plant from the parsley family. It is a distinctive and pungent spice. It is most commonly found in powdered form. When cooked, it has a truffle-like flavor and a roasted garlic aroma.

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Coriander Seeds

The coriander seeds with unique aroma and distinctive flavor are highly preferred in domestic and commercial kitchens for culinary purposes in preparing various cuisines. These seeds are enriched with nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, fat, carbohydrates, protein and other minerals.

Mustard Seeds

Small in size this range is used in preparation of various cuisines as it acts as the taste and aroma enhancer. Yellow in color this range has a faint spicy odor like curry leaves. These are widely used in tempering the food and their smell and taste.

Cumin Seeds

The cumin seeds offered by us are known for their excellent taste and aroma. Having wide usage in preparation of various types of dishes, the offered variety is in great demand. Available in sealed packaging, our offered range is free from any sort of contamination

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Ani Seeds

Ani seeds are one of the important spices used in Indian cuisines. They are consumed after a heavy meals to good digestion. It is a good mouth freshener. Sweet Ani seeds also available for exports.


Our patrons can avail from us high quality Fenugreek Seeds. Fenugreek Seeds gives rich taste to any dish and is available in safe and hygienic packaging and available at industry leading price range.


Cardamom is native to the evergreen forests of India. This spice is commonly used in Indian cuisine, but it has also made its way into Ayurvedic medicine as a treatment for mouth ulcers, digestive problems, and even depression. Some of the health benefits of this peppery, citrusy spice are now making their way into modern studies.


We are offering a delicious range of Cinnamon. The range is used as a stable ingredient in many recipes and adds flavour to many dishes. The range is used in astringent, carminative, antiseptic and stimulant and is prescribed in powder. Used to treat diarrhea and nausea, the range is in high demand.

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Cloves are the aromatic dried flower buds of a tree in the family Myrtaceae, Syzygium aromaticum. Cloves are used as a spice in cuisines all over the world. They have a numbing effect on mouth tissues.

Cashew Nuts

We are offering High quality Cashew Nuts. Our exported cashews are delicious and full of nutrition. We are praised for providing best selection of hygienic Cashew Nuts all over the world.

Dried Ginger

Dried ginger has been used in traditional medicine to relieve gastrointestinal distress. It is known to be effective in eliminating gas in the intestines as well as acts in a way to help in the relaxation of the tract. Gingerols may also prevent the growth and spread of colorectal cancer cells

Coriander leaves

We supply Indian Dried Raisins (Dried Kishmish), which are small and sweetly flavored with a wrinkled texture. These are processed by primarily by sun drying and tray drying several different types of grapes. The raisins we offer are a healthy snacks and can be avail from us in various sizes and colors.

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